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THE ERICEIRA COWORK is an environment that brews creativity, fosters collaboration, and encourages diversity.

At The Base Ericeira Cowork, we value the power of community. Whether you work remotely, for a start-up, or are a small business, we want you to feel welcomed, nurtured and supported. We understand that everyone may be at different stages of their professional journey, and so we are here to provide the environment and network that will help foster your creativity, productivity and success. Through our events catered to enhancing your professional and personal life, such as ‘meet up and networking events‘, ‘new in Ericeira breakfast’ and ‘plus 1 culture classes’, we deliver an enriched environment where you can learn while showcasing your own talents.

At The Base Ericeira Cowork, we encourage the development of projects from all countries, industries, and people. These differences contribute to making our community a better and more interesting place to work with.


Precisely designed for yoU

The Base

is located in the center of Ericeira, we are the closest Cowork to the beach, take your coffee only a few steps away to the beautiful viewpoint overlooking the Ocean. We are situated on a charming street surrounded by small businesses, restaurants and cafes, truly central in the heart of a world class surf reserve.

The Base

was built on the idea of  "design for a purpose". Our open floor plan and large glass windows allow for bright natural light throughout the space. We even have a kitchen with several free amenities for members.

We have many

lounge options for working as well as multiple roaming, dedicated desks and private suites. If you need a quieter environment, we also offer phone booths of different sizes, to keep those important phone calls private and professional.

The Base

is equipped with several amenities to accommodate your busy and active lifestyle. Whether you are coming back from a surf, cycling to the office or walking, we are located in the center of town steps away from the beach.

Our extra services

also include a reception, virtual offices, free coffee and snacks, high speed internet and the opportunity to attend weekly events designed for growing your business and networking to achieve both your professional and personal goals.

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Drop In Member

In town for a shorter period of time? Get all the amenities of our permanent residents such as 24 hour access, free coffee, tea and snacks as well as high speed internet.




Roaming/Hot Desk

Enjoy unlimited 24 hour 365
days a year access
to all
our services, exclusive benefits,
events and communities.




Dedicated Desk

A space you can call your own with an ergonomic chair.
Ideal for individuals and small teams.



A growing business needs growing space. A private office with a lockable door. Ideal for small teams to be able to collaborate privately. 8-10 people.



24/7 for Members
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for MEMBERS only

Mon-Fri  9h-16h
Front desk is open Monday to Friday from 9h to 16h.

Become a Partner

The Base is always looking to expand its array of perks, partnerships, and affiliate programs in areas such as business, lifestyle, travel, food, etc. We believe partnerships to be mutually beneficial long-term business opportunities and would love to hear what you have to offer for our community!
Reach out to us to discuss how we can bring value to this journey together.

Where to find us

Rua do Norte, 16

Open from 9h to 16h


Send me an e-mail and I will get back to you within one business day
- Adèle
Community Manager

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